Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What are the Important Applications of Magnetic Coolant Filters

The magnetic coolant filters are known to incessantly do away with magnetic particles from the gush of liquid and set them down in a storage bin. It is a useful system that is perfect for creating machine tools for cutting as well as grinding of ferrous materials. It is appropriate for application amid water based coolants in addition to a good number of efficient oils.

The polluted coolant gushes through a gradually revolving magnetic drum, which is beneficial in removing the metal constituents from the filtration system. It is available with a filtering capacity of 50-500 L.P.M, and its gearbox is designed for it to work competently and devoid of any difficulty for years. It has been noted that about 90% of the ferrous particles get detached whilst it is initially passed all the way through the magnetic filter.

Important Applications
The various applications for which these are used include thread rolling, grinding, super finishing, honing as well as for broaching operation. The sump life of cutting oil is increased with the usage of these coolant filters. The exterior finish of the components formed is also enhanced using the coolant filters. These magnetic filters are extensively used in various industries like chemical, oil, pharmaceutical as well as food. It is most commonly  made use even in hydraulic circuits. The magnetic filters that are used in the cooling systems are made of ceramic or rare Earth magnets of high strength.

Important Uses of Magnetic Filters
These magnetic filters are set up in a position all along the course of liquid.  The fluid is made to go about the region of the magnetic field and where the ferrous particles get trapped. The magnetic filters are durable products made of stainless steel, and that can be installed without difficulty in liquid flow line up. The coolants can be attained according to the required size and specifications from the manufacturers at cost-effective prices. They are very beneficial as they provide immense magnetic protection, and are able to exert a pull on iron particles that as 10 microns in size also.

It is easy to operate this filtration system that is very controlling and can be installed easily anywhere without any difficulty. It is during the filtration process the metal swarf gets removed from the drum by changeable scrapers as well as strained out through the last part of a release shaft.

Monday, 19 January 2015

What are the Important Benefits of Permanent Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators are widely used in various manufacturing applications in a lucrative way to do away with superfluous ferrous metal from the products. The foremost advantage of using the magnetic separator is to enhance the quality as well as the transparency of the product, while shielding other susceptible processing apparatus from any harm. The Permanent Magnetic Separators are extensively used for improvement of cast iron borings, steel turnings chips as well as for limestone beneficiation applications.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Multi Functional Magnetic Drum Pulley

Mining equipment is an indispensable part of mining machinery that is widely used in the mining industry. Drum pulleys comprise of ceramic magnets, a rim of stainless steel and are used with conveyor belt. Magnet should be arranged in proprietary pattern projecting the flux density several inches from rim. Magnetic drum pulley is an ideal magnetic product that can be used in conveyor belts as head pulley. Such pulleys are multifunctional that offer the most superior removal of nails, spikes, cans, wire or ferrous contamination. Unwanted metals can be removed at low costs through magnet pulley. Ferrous fines are attracted by the magnetic effect of the pulley that is held by the belt till it reaches underside. Ferrous materials then pass out from the magnetic field and then get collected into the bin or chute. Cleaned materials are discharged over the vertical top of the pulley.

What are the applications of drum pulley?
A drum pulley is used for a variety of purposes. Pulleys are used for waste recovery, mining, for recycling applications, salt industries, manufacture of glass and paper, in coal and cement plant.
What are the features of magnetic pulleys?
There are various features of a magnetic pulley:
  • Such pulleys are easy installable over conveyor discharge.
  • Magnetic pulleys offer magnetic protection completely that in turn helps in the removal of ferrous contamination.
  • Differently sized magnetic pulleys are available for different conveyors.
  • Such pulleys might use earth magnets or even ceramic magnets.
How to install the pulleys?
It is fairly easy to install the pulleys. There is the presence of four bolts over block bearing pillow that holds the pulley in place. The user simply needs to loosen the belt (conveyor), and replace the old pulley with magnetized new pulley. There is no need for electricity while installing the pulley.
How to buy the magnetic pulley?
There are certain buying tips which the buyers need to follow prior to the buying of magnetic pulley:
  • The buyer must see that the width of the equipment used by the buyer must match with the pulley width.
  • The diameter of shaft and pulley must match with equipment’s diameter.
  • The pulley must fit into the conveyor system well.
Magnets are placed into stainless steel that is nearly 304/316 drum shell over the shaft. Shafts are comprised of steel that is properly supported to handle the load. These pulleys are also termed as self-cleaning magnetized pulleys for they help in separating fine and large particles from the material.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Magnetic Coolant Filters: Eradicate ferrous particles from the coolants effectively

Magnetic Coolant Filters are filters that eradicate ferrous or iron particles from the machine tool coolants. There is a magnetic drum present that rotates slowly, upon which dirty coolants pass to eradicate the metallic particles from the coolant. The metallic swarf is stripped by adjustable scrapers from the drum. This leads to force off the discharge chute’s end. They are considered to be the best of the tools in eradicating fine chips of iron or machine grindings from the coolant systems in a machine. They are manufactured in a light and compact design, which can be easily installed.

These equipments aid in:
  • Accurate grinding
  • Improved life of coolant
  • Long life of cutting tools
  • Works in capacities between 50- 1000 liters per minute
This equipment can be obtained from well established and well reputed manufacturers and suppliers which have a long history of delivering reliable and durable material to their clients.

Magnetic Coolant filters are used in various industries like:
  • Material handling equipment
  • Cement factories
  • Food
  • Fertilizers
  • Foundries
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Filtering honing oil
  • Other related industries
They are employed in wide range of grinding machines like:
  • Cylindrical
  • Center less
  • Internal
  • Surface
  • Double-disc
  • Roll-grinding
The manufacturers ensure a quality manufacture using advanced technical equipments under the surveillance of experienced and skilled team of professionals, who make sure that high quality products are delivered to the clients. They take care of each and every step of the manufacturing process to avoid any kind of defects or damages.
Features of Magnetic Coolant Filters
  • High quality of filtering
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Long working
  • Light weight
  • Compact design
They are engineered to precision and can also be customized according to the client’s needs. The output of filtration obtained is of a high level. The equipment is at par with industry standards and meets the current levels of market in quality and working. The product is reliable as well as durable and works for longers.

The equipment can be obtained at affordable prices from these manufacturers, which provide supreme quality product. They pack it in a high quality packaging to ensure that a damage free product is delivered to their clients. The delivery is done at a stipulated amount of time and as per the client’s satisfaction and specifications.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What to know about Magnetic Ferrous Traps

A liquid that is passed through the pipes may contain metal impurities. Hence, magnetic ferrous traps were invented to maintain the purity of these liquids, as these remove all iron and other magnetic materials that may be present in the liquid. The trap is normally fixed in the piping system and ensures that all liquid of the processing firm passes through it. Any impurity that is contained in the liquid is filtered, leading to quick purification of the liquid. This is not only important for purification, but also serves a great role in the prevention of tearing out of the machines by the metal irons.
Features of a good Magnetic Ferrous Trap 
  • It should be well made using the highest level of raw materials. This will make it durable and serve for longer periods of time. The magnets used should have a high magnetic power that will lead to capturing of maximum number of the iron metals in the liquid.
  • These machines should be made in a using an efficient design so that these can be opened easily. Permanent magnets should always be used in their making to avoid regular maintenance.
  • These machines should be easy to install. Their dimensions should therefore be accurate and precise according to customers’ needs to ensure that they fit in the required place without any problem. They should be well made to occupy a very small space.
  • Stainless steel should be used in its making to ensure that it remains durable and its efficiency is regularly maintained. This will make it serve for longer durations without any drawbacks of reduction in efficiency. Strong steel will also make it more resistant to harsh conditions.
  • Ferrous traps should be easy to maintain. They should not be demanding and must be made in a way that these are easy to clean, without any problem. It should also be easy to inspect and must easily diagnose any problem that might be present.
All the above features can only be met if professionalism has been deployed while manufacturing the traps. Any liquid processing firm needs to be well advised on what to buy to observe outstanding results. The better, if the magnets used posses high magnetic fields and strength.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Permanent Lifting Magnets – Can Increase Productivity

Where there is frequent lifting and movement of iron and steel items and tools, like a construction site, Permanent Lifting Magnets, come to the rescue of the workforce. It helps pick up materials in a variety of shapes, especially around and in the form of tubes. The use of Permanent Lifting Magnets helps you reduce the manual lifting work for the workforce and thereby increase productivity. Equally important, in remote construction sites, it might not be feasible to use overhead travelling cranes to shift heavy stuff. In many work sites, there may not be space enough for the OHT cranes as well. In such locations, these lifting magnets could be a very useful material handling equipment.

Capacity and Safety

Though there are various capacities for which the lifting magnets are manufactured, the normal lifting capacity ranges from 120 kgs to 2 tons. And the magnets fitted in the lifting equipments, are generally of a rating, much higher, around 2 to 3 times the machine’s lifting capacity. To make it simpler, if a lifting magnet has a rating of 500 kgs, the magnet inside is actually capable of lifting up to 150 kgs. This is done to ensure that the safety of the people in the workplace is protected and no room for risk is given.
Many Advantages

Permanent Lifting Magnets are also advantageous in the sense that they are dependent on power, or they don't run on batteries, which need recharging. In a typical powered lifting arrangement, there is a threat of the object falling if there is a sudden power disruption, though some of them do come into an arrangement to hold it for a few minutes before a standby power is restored. However, here no such risk exists.

What’s more, being a permanent magnet, its magnetic power lasts a very long period and gives you very little worry in maintaining it. The lifting magnet has a very simple mechanism and even semi-skilled  operators in your factory can handle it. An on/off handle is all it needs to operate or disengage the magnet. For example, if a steel plate is to be shifted, you place the lifting magnet on it and shift the lever to ‘ON’ and if the hook is lifted, slightly, it will show the plate being lifted. Once you reach the destination where it is to be placed, the lever is pulled in the reverse direction to ‘OFF’

One of the aspects, you might want to check with the manufacturer of these lifting magnets, is the basic material with which the magnets are constructed. Rare-earth magnets are the most popularly preferred ones. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Suspension Magnets – choosing and finding

Permanent Suspension Magnets are an important part of many businesses all around the world. It is also something most people will never have to deal with. It is something people can gather information about and find out everything they need. Sometimes life just offers people a bit of a challenge when their work is concerned. There are some things people should keep in mind when they start their search for these magnets. They are no different than searching for any other thing, and these suggestions can be used later in life as well for any kind of thing that information needs to be gathered about.
Where to start?

Look online. This is exactly as simple as that. The Internet is one of the biggest pools of information that can help people understand the subject better. Ask around. Friends or family, co-workers or sales assistants can be a great source of information. However, if they are not available to help directly, they might be able to point out the best direction in which to look for answers and help out that way. Gathering information also means making dozens of phone calls and writing emails to the companies in question. Some companies might not answer straight away, but most of them will answer questions in about two to five business days or just as soon as possible.

These magnets are used for construction or any other kind of work most people will not come in contact with. Therefore, people might not even see one of these during their lifetime.
The Internet will be able to provide answers for the manufacturers and suppliers of these magnets. The companies will provide email and phone numbers for further inquiries and questions if there is a necessity.

Looking for quality and good recommendations in this area of the market is the smart thing to do. Good companies have good reputation and good public relations as well as customer service. When clients are not sure what they need and what to choose, the customer service becomes one of the most important things. When people feel that they are cared for, they will spread the word, attracting more and more clients to the company on a long-term basis.

When the choice has been made, people will return to the company for the good experience and recommend the company to colleagues. When this kind of company has been found – it will be the right choice and will fulfil the requirements of the client.
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